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Frequently Asked Questions

As a leading UK provider of spray booth servicing and repair, we at AGM Services are committed to providing our customers with all the up-to-date information they require. Here, we have compiled a list of the most frequently asked questions we are presented with, concerning our spray booth maintenance and repair services.

Do you install new spraybooth equipment?

No. However, we can help with Bodyshop planning, equipment specifications and project management.

Our working hours are Monday – Friday 8-5pm.

Yes – Please provide a copy of the report and we can arrange a visit.

Yes – please provide details of the equipment installed.

No – we can disconnect and make safe the equipment and recommend a 3rd party to remove it from site.

Yes – all our contract service customers get free Technical telephone support and site visits by request.

Our Teams are located strategically across the UK. We have full National coverage.

Yes – we will provide you with a competitive breakdown quotation.

Yes – we can look after any make or model of spraybooth oven, paint mixing room, dust extraction system.

Filter life depends on the size and type of extract filter you are using and how many jobs per week you are doing. Please call our Technical Team for specific advice.

When paint build up in the filters goes past the maximum loading the booth will go to positive pressure. Overspray can be pushed into the workshop and eventually the booth control system will shut down operation, activating the overpressure alarm. Always make sure you have spare extract filters in stock.

Spraybooths vary in terms of service requirements, however as a rough guide the running hours between service visits should be no more than 1000 hours. This normally equates to 6 months for busy Bodyshops running a single production shift.

LEV stands for Local Exhaust Ventilation Test. It is a test to confirm how effective the extraction system is at controlling the harmful products used. A spraybooth requires an LEV test and inspection at least every 14 months.