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A massive 65% of your businesses total energy costs could be attributed to your spray booth oven. It is by far the largest energy consumer in a bodyshop. AGM’s Control Solutions Packages will optimise the performance of your spray booth oven by improving the energy efficiency.

it’s time to make some huge savings...

AGM Graph on Energy Saving Upgrades
Example: Running Costs Per Job (Adding Energy Saving Upgrades)

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new spray booth vs upgrade spray booth

Most modern spray booths have a high level of energy saving features incorporated into the design of the control system and air handling plant, which means a new booth will save you thousands of pounds in energy usage from the outset. However, buying a new spray booth is not an option for all bodyshops due to costs and disruption.

SHOULD YOU buy a BRAND new spray booth? or upgrade your existing?

The good news is that AGM Services have a unique retro-fit energy saving control solution for your existing spray booth oven, compatible with almost all makes of spray booth, enabling huge reductions in gas and electricity consumption, quickly and with minimum downtime.

Total control...

AGM Services can provide individual energy upgrade packages designed to suit most existing spray booths. Our menu priced options enable you to choose a system that suits your budget, from single to multiple energy saving components. The features and benefits of the packages you can select from are outlined further down the page.

Core benefits...

Automatic idle mode, actioned when no compressed air is used
Spray booth fans slow down to reduce the air volume, saving gas and electric Cabin air is recirculated so only 10% of external air is used, saving gas

Spray booth fans shut down saving gas and electric. Most of the spray booth lights are turned off, saving electric

Spray is the only mode requiring 100% of airflow.
Air flow is adjusted to optimum for all other processes.

Select the bake profile that best suits the paint system used.

Saves under or over curing, saving gas and electric.

Faster flash-off of basecoat paint finish, saves gas and electric.
Faster curing of topcoat paint finishes, saves gas and electric.
Reduced temperature curing, saves gas.

LED lights provide higher level of illumination (Lux level).
Longer life and slower degeneration.
Save electrical energy if like for like output.

Real time energy monitoring for gas and electric.
Software application to read and record energy usage.

Control Options...

Option 1 – Essential Energy Pack

Includes replacing the existing control system with a new PLC and touch screen, combined with 2 No. VSDs to control the fan speed to enable automatic idle mode.

Option 2 – Optimal Energy Pack

Includes replacing the existing control system with a new, powerful PLC and 178mm colour touch screen. 2 No. VSDs to control the fan speed to enable automatic idle mode when no activity is taking place in the booth. In addition, the control system activates Auto Recirc mode for idle and flash off modes. Auto Stand-by is used to turn the booth off when no activity is detected. The Auto-Balance feature ensures that the booth is operating at the correct cabin pressure without the need for manual balancing. The AGM bake selector is a menu of paint types with pre-programmed time and temperature combinations which makes sure the optimal cure is consistently delivered for each paint process used.

Option 3 – Optimal Energy Pack Plus QADs

QADs is an auxiliary air moving system installed within the spray booth oven. The addition of a turbulent air movement for flash off and bake cycles dramatically reduces the process times compared to conventional equipment. It also allows for bake temperatures to be set lower than a conventional oven.

agm upgrades...

Other spray booth upgrades that are popular include; LED lighting & Energy Monitoring.

LED Lighting

LED lighting increases the LUX levels within the spray booth using the same number of light fittings. AGM’s replacement lighting systems are designed to output between 1,000 LUX and 1,500 LUX depending on customers specific requirements. LED lights offer a cost saving of 60% when compared to equivalent fluorescent lighting. LED lighting also maintains consistent lighting levels which satisfy motor manufacturer approvals.

Energy Monitoring Upgrade

The spray booth control systems will automatically activate the energy saving features without input from the operators, however some customers might find it useful to have real time energy monitoring added to the system. Using digital gas and electric meters the energy use in kWh can be captured per mode, per job, per day, per week etc. Initially our offer is for the installation of the gas and electric meters which can be read manually; however, we expect to launch our energy monitoring App in summer 2024 which will automatically transfer the data from the meters, via the PLC to your mobile phone or tablet. The front-end reports will allow Bodyshop Managers to compare job costs, compare one booth to another and show energy used hourly, daily, weekly. Your existing spray booth can benefit from upgrading;

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reduce your costs, reduce your carbon footprint choose the perfect energy-saving package from agm

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From initial survey through to installation and commissioning, AGM’s dedicated team will look after you. Contact us for a free, no obligation spray booth survey and you will receive a detailed report on how much our energy optimising control systems can save you.

AGM’s Technical Team review each spray booth survey and recommend energy saving features that best suit your spray booth. A detailed quotation for the equipment is also provided.

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