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Meet Our Apprentice: Alfie

This week marks National Apprenticeship Week, a time for the education and skills sector to shine a spotlight on the achievements of apprentices nationwide and the contribution they make.

At AGM, we are committed to growing our skilled workforce through apprenticeships, recognising their role as the future of our business. We currently have an apprentice at AGM, Alfie.

Alfie joined in May 2022 as a Sales Admin apprentice, and his apprenticeship officially started in the July of that year. Alfie works in the sales department, booking and processing routine service jobs and processing filter orders. He’s completed most of his college work and is waiting for his End Point Assessment date. He’s progressed really well and has become a valued member of the team.

At AGM, we firmly believe that apprenticeships are not just about filling roles but nurturing talent, fostering innovation, and they help us drive business growth. By providing opportunities for apprentices like Aaron and Alfie, we are investing our future and the future of the industry.

Wesley Young, AGM’s Sales Director said, “I’m really pleased that we’ve added to our apprentice numbers during National Apprenticeship Week. It’s very important that as the business grows we continue to bring in the next wave of talent. I hope that the younger generation can bring new skills and energy to the existing team at AGM Services and I’m looking forward to working closely with our apprentices to pass on my experience and help them develop on their journey within this great industry.”

As National Apprenticeship Week unfolds, we invite you to join us in celebrating the achievements of apprentices everywhere and the profound impact they have on businesses, communities, and the wider economy.

Together, we can champion the spirit of learning, development, and opportunity, ensuring that the pathway to success remains open to all who strive for career and self-development.

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