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The benefits of a Spray Booth Filter Replacement Schedule

Regularly Replace Spray Booth Filters

Replacing the extract filters on your spray booth between services is just as important as the regular maintenance checks. By doing this, you are ensuring your spray booth is working both to its optimum efficiency and productivity, as well as ensuring you remain compliant with EPA legislation.

Depending on the type of extraction in your Spray booth, and the scope of work it’s used for, extract filter change frequency can vary between 100 and 250 running hours. This could lead to needing changes as frequent as every fortnight, but as a minimum at least three times between main Spraybooth service intervals.

Delaying changing these spray booth filters results in a drop in extraction of paint overspray through the filters as they block, the end result causing defects in paintwork. The cost of having to redo one paint job  is often more expensive than a set of filters, so in the long run having a schedule in place to replace your filters will prove more profitable.

Only the Best Quality Booth Filters and Products from AGM

Obviously while value for money is important in the current climate, ensuring you remain compliant is also critical. Good quality filters will hold more overspray / dust than a cheaply priced product, the weight (or Dust holding capacity) is important when comparing. There are a number of internet based companies who will sell a standard product that is bought in bulk, without considering the actual type of filter required for the design of Spraybooth you have installed. AGM Services staff have extensive knowledge of many different types of Spraybooth manufacturers, makes and models, as well as the different types of extraction available, to be able to provide you with a quote for the correct product. Often a 4” (100mm) filter will fit without suppressing airflow, easing the load on the synthetic secondary filter, as opposed to buying a 2” (50mmm) filter that while cheap to buy blocks quicker and requires more frequent and expensive labour and downtime costs changing. It goes without saying that all products supplied by AGM Services work in compliance with statuary obligations under the Environmental Protection Act (EPA) and the Control of Substances Hazardous to Health (COSHH) legislations.

AGM understands that spray booth filters are not high on everyone’s day to day agenda, which is why we can take the hassle away and set up a filter call-off. Customers who have a Spraybooth Service & Maintenance Contract also benefit from additional discounts, as well as paying no carriage for filter media. We can also arrange for one of our experienced and knowledgeable engineers to periodically visit you to change the filters for you, allowing you and your painters to get on with what your good at, repairing and preparing vehicles and components.

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Get in Touch

There are many benefits to choosing AGM for you spray booth filter products, maintenance and servicing. Browse our website or give us a call on (01706) 363585 to find out the full extent of the services we offer.

Choose AGM to carry out spraybooth servicing and maintenance.

Spray Booth Filter Replacement FAQs

How often should you change spray booth filters?

Your spray booth filter will perform best for the first 50-60 hours of spraying. During regular use, you should anticipate to change filters every two to four weeks. This will keep your spray booth in good operating order and guarantee that only clean air enters the booth.

Can you wash spray booth filters?

It is not recommended that you re-use spray booth filters. They are brittle and can be fiddly if you were to try and clean them.

How do you service a spray booth?

As well as keeping the floor clean to stop overspray and undesirable particles from entering your fresh paintwork, it is important to keep the walls clean, tidy and dust free. At AGM we ensure the burner head is cleaned and inspected regularly, safety devices are checked and air flow tested to COSHH requirements, among other regulations to keep our spray booths serviced.

Get in Touch

There are many benefits to choosing AGM Services for your spray booth filter products, maintenance and servicing. Browse our website or give us a call on (01706) 363585 to find out the full extent of the services we offer.

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