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Mist Clearance Testing

Mist Clearance Testing

As part of our comprehensive spraybooth service and maintenance package, mist clearance testing ensures that you have the appropriate spray booth clearance times to prevent exposure to isocyanate particles.

As most airborne paint mist is under 10 microns (which is the most the naked eye can see) it is important that spraybooth operators are aware of how long it takes isocyanate particles to dissipate. Spraybooth clearance times should be clearly displayed outside the booth, as exposure to high levels of isocyanate particles can lead to occupational asthma.

Get the correct spray booth clearance times

What will happen during mist clearance testing

During the course of the mist clearance test, the engineer will fill the booth with smoke and record the time it takes for the smoke to be extracted. This time will be noted on a label and placed adjacent to any personnel doors and also by the vehicle doors, serving as a warning that the booth is unsafe to enter, without the appropriate PPE, until the clearance time has elapsed. The date of the test is recorded, as well as noting when the next retest will be due.

AGM Services provide mist clearance testing ensuring your equipment adheres to COSHH legislation. An annual mist clearance test ensures your spraybooth remains compliant and safe to use.

Mist clearance can be combined with other spray booth maintenance work requiring only one site visit thus keeping costs to a minimum.

Contract service customers can benefit from FREE of charge mist clearance testing. If you have any questions regarding the advantages of our contracts, simply visit our FAQs page here.

Get in touch today

For more information on any of the services we offer, including mist clearance testing and spray booth servicing and repair, contact the experienced team on 01706 363 585 or email You can also contact the AGM team online and we’ll get back to you with more information as soon as possible.

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