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How to ensure your bodyshop runs as productively as possible

Are you looking to increase productivity in your bodyshop? Whether you’re a small team or a larger, established firm, productivity is key when it comes to your bodyshop. After all, bodyshops are renowned for being busy spaces to work in. Making these small changes could help to streamline your workflow and turn your bodyshop into a productive environment for you and your employees. 

Revisit your bodyshop layout

From the car spraybooth station to the washing area, most bodyshop owners find their workspace is limited which leads to overcrowding and work areas overlapping. Thankfully, there’s always room for improvement when it comes to your bodyshop layout.

First and foremost, you’ll want to create designated areas for each task. This will allow your employees to work simultaneously alongside each other on different tasks, thus increasing your bodyshop’s productivity.

Separating your bodyshop by these workstations is a great place to start:

  1. Panel Station – Damaged or out-of-date parts can be removed in this area.
  2. Prep Station – Your prep work area is where you can carry out sanding, any degreasing or smaller paint tasks.
  3. Painting / Spray Booth Station – For larger paint tasks, you’ll need another designated area. If you operate an automotive spray booth within your bodyshop, this is a productive place to use it.
  4. Finish Station – Set aside an area for final inspections and any finer details you might need to touch up.
  5. Washing Station – Your washing station should be used before and after any work you carry out for hygiene and safety.

Always think ahead

Now that you’ve revisited your bodyshop layout, it’s time to focus on planning for productivity. In the chaotic environment of a bodyshop, it can be tempting to take jobs as they come. However, thinking and planning ahead will allow you to allocate times to jobs more accurately.

When you take note of upcoming jobs, it’s important to estimate rough timings and even designate workstations to the job. For example, if a car is coming in for a spray-booth job, you might need to book out the spray booth painting station for a couple of hours. Ultimately, this will allow you to always be in-the-know about what’s going on in your bodyshop – and when!

Carry out regular maintenance checks – and keep it clean!

Regular maintenance and cleanliness are paramount when it comes to bodyshop productivity. From vehicle dollies to your car paint booth, maintaining equipment in your bodyshop will not only help you to preserve your new layout but will also increase productivity.

When equipment becomes worn, out-of-date or simply broken, your whole bodyshop will suffer and you might have to cancel customer’s appointments. At the start and end of every working day, spend 5-10 minutes just to check over your equipment to ensure everything is in order for the next working day. It might sound simple, but regular maintenance checks really do make all the difference.

Service and maintenance for your automotive spray booth

While there might be some tools in your bodyshop that you can service and maintain yourself, your car spray booth is a high-tech piece of equipment that will need regular, professional servicing and maintenance checks. At AGM Services, our engineers are all fully-qualified and are extremely knowledgeable when it comes to all makes of automotive spray booths. Book your automotive spray booth service with us today.

We’ve also got a range of spray booth filters available to purchase online, so you can have your spray booth up and running again in no time. We’ve also recently added the groundbreaking PolyMat EX filter to our range, helping you boost efficiency while saving time and money.

Take a look around our website for more information and a number of useful resources. Including guides like DIY spraybooth maintenance checks and How often should you have your spray booth serviced? Need more help? Get in touch with a member of our team to discuss your AGM Service maintenance contract. 

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