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Is your spray booth ready for life after lockdown?

Beyond 21st June 2021, it will be the intention of countless businesses across the country to ‘get into gear’ for the future. Preparation will be vital if you want to capitalise on post-pandemic business.

The sectors relevant to AGM Services are not excluded from this. Between automotive, industrial, commercial, and aerospace, these sectors have all felt the strain of lockdown. With that came a general tightening of belts and, for many, the furloughing of staff. However, what cannot be overlooked is your general preparedness for life after lockdown.

Looking at the automotive industry, for example, research shows that business is finally starting to pick up. If you’re a bodyshop, you need to be prepared for an uptick in business. If your equipment hasn’t been properly maintained throughout lockdown then there’s a far higher chance it won’t meet demand.

We’re talking about your spraybooths, of course. Ensure that you’re taking the following steps and your spray booth will be ready to go once business picks up.

Carry out the required spray booth testing

The following testing methods are central to spray booth servicing because they ensure that your spray booth is not only fully operational but will perform to its highest standards.

The testing methods include:

Local Exhaust Ventilation (LEV) tests

Because you need to reduce exposure of your spray booth cabin to airborne contaminants (fumes, mist, dust, vapour gas), you need a system which tests the efficacy of your extract filters. Should your extract filters ever falter or become damaged, an LEV test will determine just how effective ventilation in your spray booth is. Fixing this could result in significant delays which, when business is up and running again, could cost your business.

You can learn more about our LEV testing here.

Breathing Air Quality Testing

To guarantee the safety of your spray booth operators and those working around the cabin, we perform Breathing Air Quality Testing according to BS EN12021 regulations. You can set up these tests annually as part of your AGM Services contract.

Learn about our Air Quality Testing services here.

Mist Clearance Testing

Because you cannot tell when airborne paint mist has completely evaporated, your spray booth operator needs to know exactly when the booth has cleared of isocyanate particles. Again, if there is any lag or delay in clearing particles to make way for a safe environment, then this delay could affect business.

You can learn about our mist clearance tests here.

Stack Emission Monitoring

In the event that you’re subject to an Environmental Permit, you will likely experience significant delays or hold-ups to your process. Our team will carry out fully accredited, professional expert stack emission testing that will ensure your equipment is safe and fully operational.

Read more about our Stack Emission Monitoring service here.

Other checks you can make to guarantee spray booth maintenance

Aside from the range of legislative tests we can carry out, here are some more general safety and maintenance checks you can perform.

– Replace your fan belts. To ensure your spray booth is prepared for a business uptick, you should replace the fan belts on your motors and then adjust them to your required tension.

– Make sure your control panel is working properly. As most of our solutions can be controlled by sophisticated and accessible control panel systems, you’ll need to ensure your control panels are in good working order. Assess your timer settings and temperature, tweaking them to your desired specifications.

– Take a look at your booth pressure. Your booth pressure needs to be running negative (essentially so that your cabin takes out more air than is going in).

Give your lights a check over. Visually check your spray booth lights and replace any burnt out or flickering tubes.

Check the exhaust fan blades. Over time, your exhaust fan blades can gather dust and will eventually slow down as they become heavier with dust and debris. Ahead of a business uptick, check and clean your exhaust fan blades.

Are your sales and administrative departments prepared?

Throughout lockdown you may have taken advantage of furlough arrangements and operated on a skeleton crew. Ahead of a post-lockdown boom, you will want to ensure that your sales department is prepared and fully briefed on all targets and chasing down leads. Your administrative procedures need to be checked for any weaknesses or insufficiencies as these could severely affect or delay your lead times.

With your spray booth equipment fully prepared and raring to go, you don’t want to get the smaller stuff wrong. If you work in a bodyshop or you’re part of an industrial team, it’s vital that you’re prepared from purchasing and recruitment through to on-the-job training and performance.

With your own AGM Services contract, you’ll be prepared to take full advantage of a boom in business post-COVID 19.

Take out an AGM Services contract and be prepared

At some point, your business is going to need to be prepared for the return of steady customers. Without preparedness, your business may miss out. A spray booth service & maintenance contract will guarantee your equipment is in full working order so that you can continue to ride out COVID-19 and come out the other side strong.

For more information, please get in touch by calling 01706 363 585 or emailing In the meantime, keep a close eye on our blog. It’s regularly updated by our spray booth experts and is packed with related insights.

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